Volkswagen’s Position

Volkswagen takes great pride in its culture and its direct, collaborative relationship with its employees. We are neutral regarding your vote in the upcoming election and we respect your right to choose for yourselves whether or not to be represented by the UAW. We have prepared this website to allow our team members to have access to information before the election and to make a fully-informed decision about whether they wish to be represented by the UAW for purposes of collective bargaining.

You have been a key part in building our incredible operation in Chattanooga. We have accomplished many great things working directly together and we prefer to continue our direct relationship with you, working together as one team. We understand that we aren’t perfect, no employer is, but we believe that by continuing a direct dialogue with you we can continue to make your workplace better.

We understand that many of you have questioned what it means to be “neutral”. To be clear, neutrality does not mean that Volkswagen must be silent in the face of attacks on the Company.  Neutrality also does not mean the Company is prohibited from responding to misrepresentations and promises made to our employees. Volkswagen has a right and an obligation to provide balanced factual information relating to the important decision employees face in the upcoming vote.

As Volkswagen noted in a letter to all Chattanooga employees on April 17, 2019:

  • Any election will be supervised by the NLRB consistent with U.S. law and practices.
  • The Company respects the right of our employees to decide whether they wish to join a union or not, and, as such, the Company will not:
    • Threaten or coerce any employee;
    • Engage in surveillance of employees’ legally protected activities;
    • Interrogate employees about their support for or opposition to a union;
    • Make promises or grant benefits to convince employees to support or oppose a union; or
    • Take negative actions if employees do or do not choose a union